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A repository of blog posts and written articles about the Berkeley Springs area, its history, and events. Written by the team at Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals, local writers, and visitors alike! Come and see what makes Berkeley Springs so special! 

Thanksgiving in Berkeley Springs

By Chloe Riggs With Thanksgiving approaching, a memory comes to mind of sitting in elementary school and placing my tiny hand on a brown piece of paper. With one hand in position, the other very roughly traced over it. When I lifted my fingers, a curvy outline of a turkey was left in its wake. […]
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Veteran’s Day With Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals -by Chloe Riggs

I remember sitting in a history class when I was in school and learning that my hometown was part of the Civil War. Stonewall Jackson attacked Berkeley Springs before marching to the town next door. Despite that tragic moment in the 1860s, the town continued its tradition of healing. Built around warm springs, the town […]
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The Festival of Light by Chloe Riggs

The Festival of Light By Chloe Riggs  Since its discovery, Berkeley Springs has been built around healing. From its warm springs to its local healing practices. For twenty-four years, Berkeley Springs has held the Festival of Light to embrace the industry of healing and wellness. Even though I was raised in this wonderful town, I […]
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Halloween With Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals -by Chloe Riggs

Halloween is right around the corner. Skeletons and ghosts are put in the yard. Spider webs are hung in windows. Witches are putting on their pointed hats and pulling their brooms out of the closet. Nearly every house in Berkeley Springs is ready for the incoming spooky season. One of the best things about the […]
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Why You Should Visit The Apple Butter Festival – By Chloe Riggs

Berkeley Springs, WV, is unique in its annual tradition of hosting an Apple ButterFestival every October. For forty-eight years and counting, the town has held the festival on Columbus Day Weekend, sharing all of the town’s treasures with locals and visitors.Why host the Apple Butter Festival on the weekend of Columbus Day? The holiday was […]
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The Perfect Fall Retreat With Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals – By Chloe Riggs

The seasons have shifted and the hustle and bustle of everyday life is picking up more than ever, but when traveling through Berkeley Springs, you will not be able to resist the urge to stop and breathe in the fresh air. One of the great things about Berkeley Springs is the breathtaking scenery in the […]
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