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A repository of blog posts and written articles about the Berkeley Springs area, its history, and events. Written by the team at Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals, local writers, and visitors alike! Come and see what makes Berkeley Springs so special! 

Did Someone say Samples?

Do you appreciate a delicious glass of wine after a long day? Or do you long for a mouthwatering meal made from fresh ingredients? Uniquely West Virginia Festival is coming to Berkeley Springs, WV! I don’t know about you, but I plan to enjoy this once-a-year opportunity to taste treasures around West Virginia. Wineries, food […]
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Berkeley Springs Farmers Market

Spring is Knocking

Chef and author Bryant Terry once said, “What makes the farmers market such a special place is that you’re actually creating a community around food.” Terry has found a way to put what Spring makes us feel into words. With the season right around the corner, fruit and vegetables are growing. A scent of perfume […]
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George Washington’s Bathtub Celebration

Over 200 years ago, George Washington visited the Town of Bath for the first time. He stumbled upon the hot springs and decided Berkeley Springs was the place of healing and relaxation. With the water at a constant 74 degrees, I can’t say I disagree with his opinion. Now, Berkeley Springs is full of practices […]
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Luck is a Funny Thing

Do you believe in luck? St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner with a trail of good fortune. With four-leaf clovers, wearing green, and searching for rainbows, we are all looking forward to all of the little miracles in life. If you ask me, Berkeley Springs is a town of miracles. Not only does […]
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Romantic Valentine's Getaway in Berkeley Springs

Romantic Valentine’s Getaway in Berkeley Springs

Do you feel the love in the air? Are you itching to surprise your partner with a one-of-a-kind gift that will bring a contagious smile to their face? Can you already smell the chocolate candies and ruby red roses? A close friend of mine married the love of her life a year ago. Every Valentine’s […]
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Meditation Photo

Building a New You in Berkeley Springs

Creating resolutions for the New Year tends to be a daunting task. You are struck with the challenging self-reflection where you look back on the past and try to pick out the flaws you have buried deep. Then, you pin those flaws to the fridge with a five-step plan on how to change those ways […]
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